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in North West London how much rubbish is created?

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What you need to know about North West London

North West London

North West London is one of the most affluent areas in London, it has a lot of landmarks and is a mix of beautiful green land and city life, housing Regents Park, which is one of the most famous parks in the UK with its amazing views from Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath as well as Camden Town which is a must to visit for its food market and thigs to do

  • Population Size 1,060,446
  • Active Businesses 5,113
  • Waste Collected (tonnes)444,693
  • Tonnes of Waste Recycled or Reused 227,816

How much waste do we produce in North West London?

What is the council recycling rate of North West London?

How much did local councils in North West London spend on waste management?

How many residents and active businesses are there in North West London?

How else did North West London impact the environment last year?