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4 Yard Skip

4 Yard Skip
£195.00 + VAT

Height - 3ft 2in

Length - 6ft

Width - 4ft 3in

30 - 40 Bin Bags

6 Yard Skip

6 Yard Skip
£225.00 + VAT

Height - 4ft

Length - 8ft 6in

Width - 5ft

50 - 60 Bin Bags

8 Yard Skip

8 Yard Skip
£275.00 + VAT

Height - 4ft

Length - 12ft

Width - 5ft 6in

60 - 80 Bin Bags

12 Yard Skip

12 Yard Skip
£310.00 + VAT

Height - 5ft 6in

Length - 12ft 2in

Width - 5ft 10in

100 - 120 Bin Bags

14 Yard Skip

14 Yard Skip
£340.00 + VAT

Height - 6ft

Length - 14ft

Width - 6ft 5in

120 - 140 Bin Bags

16 Yard Skip

16 Yard Skip
£375.00 + VAT

Height - 6ft 5in

Length - 13ft 8in

Width - 6ft 5in

140 - 160 Bin Bags

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What you need to know about London


An ancient settlement that grew up along the banks of the Thames, London is one of the most well established and influential cities in the western world. It has reinvented itself many times throughout history to become the vibrant dynamic and complex entity that it is today with an infrastructure that is constantly developing to accommodate the progress and advancements of modern day Britain. It is well known for being one of the most integrated and culturally diverse cities in Europe, and accommodates many ways of living that make it stand out as a place that not only celebrates diversity but thrives on it. The pull of London for so many people from around the world and its increasing population demand a waste management industry that is highly organised, adaptable, and available for public use. Waste transfer companies have a large share of a market that is constantly in need of rubbish removal services, and the amount of businesses operating within this industry drives competition and a range of services that can overwhelm consumers and organisations when choosing a contractor for their rubbish disposal needs. One of the most important considerations when choosing a rubbish removal service is their commitment to the environment, re-use and recycling practices, and a diversion of waste from landfill. This can be achieved by companies who operate within statutory frameworks, practise due diligence, and adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the Environment Agency.

  • Population Size 9,304,016
  • Active Businesses 1,240,767
  • Waste Collected (tonnes)3,901,600
  • Tonnes of Waste Recycled or Reused 1,248,512

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Where are the nearest recycling centres in London

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