Compliance is a major issue in our industry and should be taken very seriously. The industry suffers from a substantial amount of companies that are operating without being compliant.

What makes a company compliant is whether it has the right licenses, accreditations, insurances, and systems to undertake certain business activities.

Download our FREE duty of care report which outlines what you should look for in a waste contractor.

Whether you are looking for domestic waste clearance, commercial rubbish collection, or construction waste removal. Wayst is the company that you can rely on.

How we are being compliant:

Wayst partners with Enviro Waste; one of London’s most environmentally friendly waste companies.
You can find all of their license and certifications below:


  • Licenced Waste Carrier: We are regulated by the Environmental Agency as a licensed waste carrier. License number CBDU44709
  • S2/T4/T9/T12 Exemptions (WEX116059 & WEX167383): This allows us to store, manually & preparatory treat waste & recover scrap metal in accordance with Environmental Agency requirements.
  • Operators Licence: This allows us to operate any vehicle over 7.5 tonnes. Operators Licence

The Environment

  • Construction Recycling Alliance: We are an active CRA member. We are dedicated to reusing & recycling waste construction materials.
  • Environment Policy: Our Environmental policy states our intentions to better our environment.
  • The Woodland Trust: We sponsor The Woodland Carbon & Protection Program. This year we have created 400m2 of new woodland in the UK

Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety Policy: Our Health & Safety policy in accordance with Section 2 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • Quality Policy: Our Quality policy ensures we provide a professional and efficient service to meet all of the customer's requirements.
  • Equal Opportunities Policy: Our Equal Opportunities policy ensures we are committed to equal opportunities for all or staff and applicants.
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy: Our Anti Bribery & Corruption policy ensures the business is conducted according to ethical, professional, and legal standards in a fair, honest, and open manner.



  • Vehicle insurance: Our mini fleet insurance covers all of our vehicles and machinery on the roads.
  • Employers Liability Insurance – Covers our business and employees for any potential illness or injuries that may arise as a result of carrying out our business activities.
  • Public & Product Liability Insurance – Covers the public and property for any injury or damages that could arise as a result of carrying out our business activities.


Depending on what type of waste you have to dispose of and whether you are a business or private customer there is a range of legislation in place that you should be made aware of.

Duty of care

If you have waste and intend to discard it you have a legal ‘Duty of Care’. this applies to EVERYONE in the waste hierarchy, including you!

Check out our Duty of care report which details must know information when dealing with waste & waste contractors.

Computer equipment

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was introduced into UK law in January 2007 by the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations 2006.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous Waste Regulations details can be found here.

Landfill tax

With the aim to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill the government has introduced an escalating landfill tax which rises by £8 per tonne until 2014.

Terms and Conditions

Please review our terms and conditions for Skip hire & RORO, and for Man & Van.