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How do I ensure white goods are recycled in London?

Are white goods hazardous waste?

What legislation affects white goods recycling?

What role do I play in the proper disposal of white goods?

White Goods Recycling services in London

2 services available on Wayst

Choose your size

Mini Load

Mini Load
£99.00 + VAT

1 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 8 bin bags

Midi Load

Midi Load
£135.00 + VAT

3 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 20 bin bags

Medi Load

Medi Load
£198.00 + VAT

7 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 45 bin bags

Large Load

Large Load
£270.00 + VAT

10 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 65 bin bags

X Large Load

X Large Load
£300.00 + VAT

14 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 85 bin bags

Bespoke Clearance Load

Bespoke Clearance Load
Price on request + VAT

More than 14 Cubic Yard

Load approx. more than 85 bin bags

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What you need to know about London


London is the capital and the biggest city in England and the third largest in Europe. It is made up of The City of London, inner London, Outer London and Greater London and is a city unlike anyother one in the world. The vybe is mixed, caused by London being the financial capital of the world, as well as being multi cultural, historic and due to its world heritage sites touristic. Interstingly enough the London Underground is the oldest underground railways in the world. The average property price is £751,187

  • Population Size 9,304,016
  • Active Businesses 1,240,767
  • Waste Collected (tonnes)3,901,600
  • Tonnes of Waste Recycled or Reused 1,248,512

How much waste do we produce in London?

For household waste what is the recycling rate of London?

How much did key areas in London spend on waste management?

How many residents and active businesses are there in London?

How else did London impact the environment last year?