Learn more about Hard Drive Destruction in South West London

In South West London what are my options when I need to destroy hard drives?

What are the risks involved when carrying out a hard drive data wiping/destruction process?

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What you need to know about South West London

South West London

South West London has a range of lively communities, it is one of the greenest parts of London and is home to some of London's best commons, including Clapham and Wandsworth. London's most iconic attractions are in the South West including the National History Museum, Harrods and the Royal Albert Hall. Property in South West London is some of the most expensive in the capital.

  • Population Size 1,748,084
  • Active Businesses 35,980
  • Waste Collected (tonnes)733,052
  • Tonnes of Waste Recycled or Reused 291,021

How much waste do we produce in South West London?

What is the council recycling rate of South West London?

How much did local councils in South West London spend on waste management?

How many residents and active businesses are there in South West London?

How else did South West London impact the environment last year?