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Mini Load

Mini Load
£99.00 + VAT

1 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 8 bin bags
10 mins labour
Max weight 70kg

Midi Load

Midi Load
£135.00 + VAT

3 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 20 bin bags
20 mins labour
Max weight 250kg

Medi Load

Medi Load
£198.00 + VAT

7 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 45 bin bags
30 mins labour
Max weight 500kg

Large Load

Large Load
£270.00 + VAT

10 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 60 bin bags
45 mins labour
Max weight 750kg

X Large Load

X Large Load
£300.00 + VAT

14 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 80 bin bags
60 mins labour
Max weight 1000kg

Bespoke Clearance Load

Price on request + VAT

More than 14 Cubic Yard

Fixed price on request
For larger clearances
We may need to visit site

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What you need to know about Dartford


Dartford is a principal town and borough in southeast London in the greater London area within the county of kent. Although it is known today as a commuter town, Dartford historically is a place of great industrial importance that dwindled in the 20th century due to the decline of its manufacturing and cement making industries. It is now known as being the home of the Blue Water shopping centre (formerly a major cement works) which has taken over from the high street as being the boroughs commercial centre, although many discount chain stores and supermarkets still occupy the old shopping district along the B2500.

  • Population Size 816,136
  • Active Businesses 2,434
  • Waste Collected (tonnes)342,243
  • Tonnes of Waste Recycled or Reused 142,887

What are the different ways to dispose of waste in Dartford?

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Where are the nearest recycling centres in Dartford

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What rubbish collection services are available in Dartford?

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How is the local authority in Dartford handling your waste?

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What are the plans for a greener future in Dartford?

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