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Mini Load

Mini Load
£99.00 + VAT

1 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 8 bin bags
10 mins labour
Max weight 70kg

Midi Load

Midi Load
£135.00 + VAT

3 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 20 bin bags
20 mins labour
Max weight 250kg

Medi Load

Medi Load
£198.00 + VAT

7 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 45 bin bags
30 mins labour
Max weight 500kg

Large Load

Large Load
£270.00 + VAT

10 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 60 bin bags
45 mins labour
Max weight 750kg

X Large Load

X Large Load
£300.00 + VAT

14 Cubic Yard

Load approx. 80 bin bags
60 mins labour
Max weight 1000kg

Bespoke Clearance Load

Price on request + VAT

More than 14 Cubic Yard

Fixed price on request
For larger clearances
We may need to visit site

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What you need to know about Croydon


The Principle town of Croydon within the Greater London Borough of Croydon is the next largest commercial district outside of central London and has excellent rail links to the capital, and towards coastal towns in the south east of England. It is also home to London’s only tram network which reportedly transports over 29 million people every year. Croydon town also has plenty to offer outside of its shopping centres, pubs bars and restaurants. The Airport Visitor Centre is one of Croydon’s most unique well known attractions, situated in the world’s oldest air traffic control tower and only open one weekend a month, so plan ahead! The Museum of Croydon is another must see, with its own art gallery and richly detailed local history exhibits. There is also the Turf gallery space, which offers workshops run by local artists, and plenty of outdoor attractions and parks. Coombe Wood, which is set in well kept grounds and has picturesque views and an on site cafe. Wandel Park, which features a river, a playground and a skate park is also very popular with visitors and locals. Croydon is currently the fifth cheapest borough in London for property prices and an ideal location to invest, mainly due to the regeneration plans and the predicted increase in house prices This investment opportunity has driven up construction work in the area, which in turn has caused an increase in the production of construction waste; mainly refurbishment related waste such as flooring and carpets. The most popular property types in Croydon are 3 bedroom properties and flats, and over 65% of properties are now rented when compared to the 2001 census, which inevitably causes a range of residential waste types as bulky household waste is created during the moving process.

  • Population Size 778,382
  • Active Businesses 1,837
  • Waste Collected (tonnes)326,411
  • Tonnes of Waste Recycled or Reused 161,573

What are the different ways to dispose of waste in Croydon?

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Where are the nearest recycling centres in Croydon

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What rubbish collection services are available in Croydon?

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How is the local authority in Croydon handling your waste?

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What are the plans for a greener future in Croydon?

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